The Canine Bungalow
   An Alternative to Traditional Boarding

Phone: 916-9240

My Goal is a Wagging Tail on Every Guest
There is no extra charge for playtime or for bringing your own food unless it involves mixing
I offer two of the following services, am and pm, per dog without charge.  If you are boarding two dogs you have four services available regardless of which dog they apply to.  Please call for a better explanation.  Additional services will be offered at the following rates:
Mixing food with canned food and/or water           .50 per bowl per dog 
Using client dishes and washing them​                  .50 per dish per washing
Eye drops or medications​                       .50 for each application of each medicine
Food additives                                                       .50 per additive

Hand feeding of wet food                                      2.00 per feeding​​
     (there is usually no charge for dry)​

If your dog needs services outside of mealtimes there is a $5 charge per item