Spacious Indoor/Outdoor Runs: 
4' X 6' inside / 10' X 10' outside

Temperature controlled inside / shaded outside
Only eleven runs so each pet gets plenty of attention
The bungalow (guest house) is just behind my house                                                
Romps around the quarter acre fenced play area included
We also have a small dog play yard​
Your dog will receive individual love and attention every day
The Canine Bungalow
Proof of vaccinations
Any medications or special needs
Payment is due at drop off on first time stays
You are welcome to bring their bed, toys, blankie, etc.

Phone: 916-9240 or 866-8900

My Goal is a Wagging Tail on Every Guest
Small: $20 first dog, 2 for $30, additional $10 each 
26 to 49 lbs: $25 first dog, additional $20 each
50 to 79: $30 first dog, additional $20 each
Over 80lbs:  $35 first dog, additional $20 each
                    (weights are approximate)
​ ​

We are available, BY APPOINTMENT ONLY,
from 9AM to 6PM except Wednesdays and
Saturdays when we close at 1PM.